Our Concept

Your Peace of Mind

Our concept is very simple:

  • We make a custom study, based on your requirements and your specific situation

  • Based on that study, we will propose a solution that best suits your needs and your requirements.

  • With your agreement, we will plan and execute the works

  • After installation, you can enjoy the benefits of an SLA at your choice: standard, customized and/or 24/7


Whether you choose for a simple or a complex multi-site solution, we will never make compromises on quality. Therefore we only use state-of-the-art equipment. From the smallest systems, until the complexer, multi-site systems, integration of different techniques will always be the better solution. We understand that using the best brands, combined with the integration of different techniques, can be very costly initially. But in the end it will cost you less when considering downtime, maintenance, breakdowns,…

Apart from our state-of-the-art equipment and preventive SLA, for your complete piece of mind you can enjoy two additional services:

This means that you won’t buy any servers, softwares etc. You neither need ICT people to manage your systems. All updates, upgrades, but also all electric consumption in our datacenter, professional ISP contracts, ICT people to manage the systems etc, will be covered by our SecurityCloud.eu service. 

  • SLA OmniumLease

We even go further. You don’t buy anything, while we still guarantee the delivery of high-end installations, including our SLA Omnium Contract.