Case Studies

Martinas Residential Care Center

This care center is fully equipped to maximise the comfort for it’s residents, and is a step ahead in terms of safety and security. We are honored to have been chosen to complete and manage the access control installation for the Martinas Residential Care Center for Armonea. 

  • All outdoor doors network wired for online access control
  • Intercom integrated into the VoIP telephone system
  • All interior doors and lifts (+220 pieces) are wirelessly connected via the virtual network
  • Our badges integrated in the nurse call system (staff only has to carry one badge)
  • Complete installation is managed by our SecurityCloud platform

Buss Spirits Grobbendonk

For every party of for your pleasure you can enjoy a gin or rum from Buss Spirits. They were looking for one partner to incorporate all techniques in their new building. This building is used as an office, for storage and distribution. We are very proud to be a partner for Buss Spirits.

  • Full electrical installation (including lightning). Visit for more information
  • Fire detection and dome control
  • Break-in detection
  • Access control and video intercom
  • ICT Network
  • HVAC (heat pumps)
  • Fully managed by our SecurityCloud platform

Oil Tanking Antwerp

For the construction of the biggest Gas storage tanks of Europe in the harbour of Antwerp, Oil Tanking chose us for securing and managing the access control to the construction site.

  • Access control for +- 500 members of staff, subcontractors and visitors
  • Online access management
  • Road barrier
  • Tripods
  • Visit for more information

Municipality Grobbendonk

For the reconstruction of the cycle paths in Grobbendonk, traffic had to be diverted, whereby De Lijn buses had to be able to continue passing through, but trucks absolutely not, and this, in order to spare the residential area in question from heavy traffic. That’s why the city chose our solutions

  • 2 barriers, one on a raised pedestal
  • Barrier on pedestal used to stop trucks, while local residents can drive under the barrier
  • Access for De Lijn (public transport) via 2 keypads