Acces Control


Most of the needs for access control are covered by the simple fact to be able to manage your access rights, and the possibility to check who went where and when. Therefore we offer our offline access control system which reduces the cost enormously, while still having the possibility to manage all the badges in your system. This means giving certain people access to certain buildings / specific rooms even during specific time schedules. Reporting is a standard feature.


Whenever you need to know who is where at any time, we provide our online access control system. You will be able to manage all accesses in real-time. Reporting, again, is a standard feature.


The most powerful system is the combination of our offline and online solutions, which makes it hybrid. Typically, critical rooms like serverrooms need to be online while other rooms, like utility rooms, can be offline. Reporting is a standard feature.

For the management of your system, whether it is a one door system, or a multi-site – thousands of doors – system, please see our to learn how this can help you.