Camera Surveillance


When you don’t have a guard watching camera streams 24h/7, camera surveillance systems are mainly used to be able to investigate a situation after it has happened. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you have best in class equipment installed.

Not only the correct cameras for each situation are important, but also the system behind them: the designed network, NVR with correct calculated harddisk drives, backups, etc.

In some situations you don’t have a guard, but you should know in real-time of a critical situation. Therefore you’ll need analytics, which are integrated with intrusion detection, access control etc.

A lot of analytics are standard (e.g. movement detection, etc) in our system, but it can be extended with a lot of more like LPR, Face recognition, Object Placing, Object Removal and many more.

There are 3 types of needs for surveillance:

  • ObservationWhen you need a general overview of a situation. For example: a big parking lot or busy events. 
  • RecognitionWhen there is a need to recognize a person or a car, for example at a building entrance or crowded places.
  • IdentificationWhen you need to be able to identify someone like at a reception desk, the door of a server room, etc

For the management of your system, whether it is a one camera system, or a multi-site – thousands of cameras – system, please see our to learn how this can help you.