Intrusion Detection


The main goal of an intrusion detection system, is to avoid the intrusion itself.

By alarming as early as possible, we add precious time for intervention services like police etc. We use several techniques to realize this type of detection, mainly integrating camera surveillance.

There are mainly 4 types of intrusion detection:

  • Peripheral detection: 

Detection within your premises but outside of your building (for example: gardens, parking lots,..)

  • Perimetric detection: 

Detection on the outer shell of your building (for example: doors, windows, roof,..)

  • Volumetric detection: 

Detection inside your building (for example: entrance hall, offices, living rooms,..)

  • Point detection: 

Detection on an object (for example: vault, painting,..)


The notification or the alarm can either be done by sirene, lightning, sms, voice call, apps or remote monitoring.

For the management of your system, whether it is one detection point, or a multi-site – thousands of detection points – system, please see our to learn how this can help you.